Luke Brown 'Australian Sandalwood’ Mix 


Five years prior we asked Luke Brown, then Len Leise, to create a mix to launch our mix series for Subtle Bodies. The mix series would be what music lovers, djs or collectors felt would pair with a particular incense to enhance it’s sensory experience. 

Luke chose our Australian Sandalwood incense as the inspiration for a mix of rare, lost, looked over and forgotten Australian music, leaning toward the folk, psyche and ambient territories. Naturally fitting with lying on the couch, incense burning, cup of tea or scotch in hand and letting the mind wander—how nice.

As the morning unfurls like a slow dance, with the soft scent of incense permeating the air. Australian Sandalwood. Sweet and fragrant, clear and intoxicating. Australian oceanic artists are resounding. Surrounded by old vinyl records. Carefully selected, a juxtaposition of vibes. Often overlooked in Australian record bins.

A slow meandering journey- sounds that can be superficial or profound, entertaining or comforting. 

Background music to your day, for house work, for making, for dancing, for relaxing. Each track like riding a wave, floating atop the surface before plunging into the depths of each melody. It's as if time has become suspended, with the music and the scent of incense providing a cocoon of tranquility. The mix could go on for 1000 hours, with the same artists and the same standout work, each permutation offering something new to savor. 

Stream Luke Brown’s “Australian Sandalwood Mix” HERE


1. Laughing Hands - Not Titles

2. John Sangster - Meditation

3. Cathie o’Sullivan - The Red Rose Top

4. John Sangster - untitled

5. Camryn Rothenbury - Credit

6. Marion Arts - Mirage

7. Southern Crossings - Love Song

8. Napper Tandy - Mad Tom of Belgium

9. Southern Crossings - One Five One

10. Carla Del Forno - Dry in the rain

11. Tarquin Manek & Ying Li Hooi - Stupid As a painter thick as a sculptor

12. Summerhaze - Cape Portland

13. Tom Kazas - On Endless Night

14. Peak - Snails Pace

15. Andrew Thomas Wilson - Tides

16. Tidewater - Solitary Rider

17. Tom Kazas - Lament

18. Steve Skinner - A face in the dark

19. Tidewater - Reprise

20. Nic Lyon - Neptune

21. Chris Freeman - To Donna

22. Soft Opera - To Carry On